Flashback Friday

I never saw it coming… 

Never in her wildest dreams would that girl believe that the boy right next to her was going to be the single most important person in her life to come. 

This boy would pick her up from school every day. 

This boy would look at her like she really was the only one in the room.

This boy would tolerate her smoking even though he absolutely hated it and would several years down the road convince her to finally quit. 

This boy would laugh at her jokes even though she always screwed up the delivery. 

This boy would survive hitting a tree head on, full speed in a snow mobile on a day she should have been at school but decided to cut. (The hospital visit broke the news to the parents) 

This boy would help her understand that not ALL boys want one thing. Some really do want to know you. 

This boy would teach her to how to drive….fast.  (He can’t complain- he taught me) 

This boy would help her learn to laugh at herself. (Especially after falling so often) 

This boy would teach her how to eat and one day not feel guilty about it. 

This boy would teach her how to feel beautiful not wearing makeup but was always amazed how blonde her eyebrows were without pencil. 

This boy would choose to stay with her and grow up to be a young father while his other friends partied and were still in college. 

This boy loved her when pregnancy changed her body at 19 into a a mural of red stretch marks. 

This boy would hold her up after the ultra sound said there was no heart beat, just after she shared the news that she was 4 months long with their 2nd. 

This boy would allow her to stay home with her baby while he worked 2 jobs because he understood why she was so afraid to leave him with anyone, in fear  what happend to her could happen to her own. 

This boy would teach her that parents don’t have to fight on Christmas morning. 

This boy would teach her that daddies love their children no matter how much they weighed or how smart they were. 

That this boy would learn to become her best friend even when she tested him continuously. 

That this boy was going to be the only man to show her that men can love unconditionally, and they do stay. 

Love is not easy but it is worth fighting for.  

I’m just glad my battle partner is him. 

Love you Forever Mike Ferraro. 


  1. Linda Molitor says:

    Great job Mike. Chantel you are one lucky girl. Do you think God made a mistake giving you all the heartache without giving you the “bandage” to make it all better. God and Mike, God and Mike, God and Mike. XOXO

    1. Thank you Linda! I know that it was no mistake this guy was placed in my life. Love you!

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