God Heals, It's all about the Journey

Learning the power of being intentional and present

I haven’t had words to write lately. Presently, my hope is being found in being quiet. I am still mothering, working, and day to daying. 

I just recently have found it necessary to be quiet. 

With the presidential race kicking into high gear now, with our world dealing with mass murders weekly, terrorism, mental health issues, racism, hate, and finally the lack of true human connection now with us all on our phones that are suppose to connect us all “better”, I have 3 words that keep repeating in my head lately. 

I just can’t. 
My eyes, my brain, my heart is just having a hard time handling this world. Maybe it’s just me. All I can say is it’s been a lot and a little too much. 

Choosing to be quiet, disconnected from media except when necessary has been really good. Its important to remember that even though the world seems to be insane and falling apart some days, we CAN remain at peace, be grounded, and live a joyful happy life amongst this chaos.  
It’s a choice.

Just turn it off.  Get out of the cage.

Our life today is way too noisy. I truly believe many of the mental health issues that are now at epidemic proportions are because our minds were never meant to process this much information all the time.  

We never rest anymore. Even in bed we are reading, listening, scrolling, taking in information that we may not even know is slowly affecting how we see things and how we feel about or lives and even worse affecting how we feel about ourselves. 

It’s a crisis really.  
I decided to write today, because it doesn’t have to be. Distraction is a huge part of why we are in this crisis. One the positive side, just as easily as distraction can become a problem turned crisis, self awareness and consciousness can be the solution to grow the healthy & joyful life we all truly want for ourselves. 

We must become aware of how the world around us is affecting us personally. This means we must take the time to learn more about ourselves. 

Go deeper. 

The irritants that rattle my cage, the personalities that cause me stress and bring me down, may not necessarily affect others at all. So it’s been imperative I know what things are affecting me negatively and being pro active about being aware and protective of what I choose to allow in. 

The spirit of FEAR plays a lot into what can bring me down daily.  Especially when I’m opening myself up to listening to the news or scrolling through social media platforms.  I have found more recently now than ever, I have had more bouts of anxiety and fearfulness in places and social situations than I ever did growing up. Which seems crazy considering my history, but it’s true. 

I’m not sure being this connected to the whole world is better for us. The most important part of my life, my children, are growing up in what the news describes as a violent, intolerant, and hateful world. Social media and openly sharing our feelings and opinions can breed anger from those who do not agree as well. Thus the feelings begin. 

Which brings me to what I believe fear also breeds, SELF CENTEREDNESS. My hurts, pains, cares, passions, are not everyone’s hurts, pains, cares, or passions.  So what makes me think that my thoughts and beliefs are more valid, relevant, important, or more true than other people’s thoughts or beliefs? 

Who am I to judge others ideas or opinions based on my experiences only? Who am I to believe that my way is the ONLY way? Thinking this way is narrow minded as well as isolating. Should I really fear all of those who think differently than me? At times,  I do.  

So what’s been a manageable solution for me?  

Well, this week I chose to do my life completely differently than ever before. Everyday I chose to wake up renewing my mind with mediating on what matters most to me. God. Prayers of gratitude for all he has given to me. 

Before I even opened my eyes. I just laid in bed and awoke and thought, my house survived another thunderstorm, my body doesn’t hurt, and my family is with me one more day safe and sound.  Recognizing that alone those are true blessing before even getting out of bed. 
I also chose to continue to care for my health and my heart by running with my family every morning. My body needs the physical exertion to handle the stressors of the day,  and my heart needs quality time with my loves. My hubby and my kids. We have some great talks then. 

I chose to dress up for work even when I knew no one would be working with me all day nor would anyone even see me that day.  I chose this because it makes me feel good about who I am and acknowledging the fact I am a business owner. I may be alone right now at Dream2Be but one day I will have built something great. It’s important to enjoy it “as if” To think about my career “as if” it is everything I want it to be feels great. Even when it’s not quite there yet. Because I know one day it will be. 

I chose to text my kids when I was thinking about them with little silly bitmojis of love that only a cheesy momma would send. 

I chose to apologize to my husband much sooner, when my expectations of him were unreasonable and it made for a much happier week. 

I chose to pray every time I felt overwhelmed and it really did help me regroup and refocus. 

What I didn’t do this week was choose to just watch the news just because that something to do. I was intentional. I made sure I was in the mood to handle the information since 99% seems to be negative. 

 I didn’t just open up Facebook or Instagram to mindlessly scroll.  I intentionally opened it to market my business, say hello to some, like posts I really do like. 

I chose not to begin any part of my day choosing to fill my head with others people thoughts or experiences from their statuses and instead took back the power and chose my own thoughts and experiences. 

We must be careful. We may indirectly or unknowingly be allowing our power to be given to the world when we allow this all of this stuff in by distraction.

Choose to give attention and power to what makes your heart happy, your mind calm, and your eyes will look at the world more positively.

No, it wasn’t a perfect week by any means, but I can say that it was a good one and it’s really because of the choices I made.  

I used to smoke. And just like smoking, one day I said enough is enough.  I was getting sick and tired of getting sick and smelling terribly. So one day after 7 other tries, I just really quit. 
It’s up to us.  We have the choice and we can change how we live. We just have to understand who we are, make a decision based on that knowledge and take action.  

One day at a time we can change. One day at a time we can see everything differently. 

Only dead fish go with the flow…


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